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Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools

VLSI lab suite contains design and verification tools , IC Nanometer Design tools that provide complete solutions for HDL design, verification, synthesis and test of ASICs and FPGA.

  • The IC Nanometer Design bundle provides a complete environment for the design, capture, layout and verification of analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits. This bundle includes all products that incorporate the IC Nanometer Design platform:
  • The Tanner AMS IC design flow is a complete end-to-end design flow for analog/mixed-signal (AMS) IC designs. The flow consists of highly integrated front and back-end tools, from schematic capture, mixedsignal simulation and waveform probing to physical layout and foundry-compatible physical verification.
  • The Tanner MEMS design flow delivers 3D MEMS design and fabrication support in one unified environment, and makes it easy to integrate MEMS devices with analog/mixed-signal processing circuitry on the same IC.
  • The Questa ADMS analog and mixed signal verification suite is a language-neutral, mixed-signal simulator that enables top-down design and bottom-up verification of multi-million gate analog/mixedsignalSoC designs. Eldo and Eldo RF provides an analog simulator offering numerous simulation andmodeling options that deliver high-performance and high-speed simulation with the accuracy required by the user.
  • The Nitro-SoC™ and Oasys-RTL next-generation synthesis and place and route system comprehensively addresses the time-to-market, performance, capacity, power, area, and variability challenges encountered at the leading-edge process nodes. This advanced physical design implementation tool delivers best-in-class area, power, and performance while significantly reducing design cycle time with a very high design throughput.
  • The Calibre product line is the industry standard platform for physical verification, offering superior performance and capacity for both flat and hierarchical algorithms.
  • HEP’s Design, Verification and Test bundle provides complete solutions for HDL design, verification,synthesis and test of ASICs and FPGAs:
  • High level Design and Verification – A comprehensive suite of tools for design creation and analysis using C and System C, including Catapult C and Vista.
  • Questa Advanced Functional Verification Platform – Completely standards based, Questa is the most advanced functional verification product in the industry, supporting assertion based verification, coverage driven verification, test bench automation and formal analysis of clock domain crossing, supported by a comprehensive suite of Verification IP.
  • Physical RTL synthesis for advanced-node designs with Oasys-RTL.
  • FPGA Design and Verification – A complete solution comprising HDL design, simulation, hardware/software co-verification and leading FPGA logic and physical synthesis.
  • Tessent Silicon Test – A complete technology-leading solution for testability analysis, scan,boundary scan and memory test synthesis, and automatic test pattern generation.
  • System Modeling – A complete environment for creation and verification of mixed-signal and Multilanguage systems, prevalent in automotive electrical systems, control systems and mechatronic systems.
PCB System Design and Analysis

We can deliver students, designers, and engineers a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for PCB System Design and Analysis. Colleges/Universities that engage with us receive the same cutting-edge solutions used by industry engineering professionals.

Solutions include:
  • A fully integrated, easy to use schematic capture environment that provides everything you need for simple/fast capture, circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management,and signal integrity planning.
  • Industry-leading PCB layout tools combining ease-of-use with highly automated functionality to give engineers exceptional control over creation of the simplest to the most complex designs.
  • Powerful 3D layout and MCAD collaboration included.
  • Analog Mixed-Signal circuit simulation,All bundles include HyperLynx, which offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software equipping engineers to efficiently analyse, solve, and verify critical PCB requirements thus avoiding costly
  • PCB re-spins. HyperLynx supports signal and power integrity analysis, electrical rule checking, thermal analysis, and full-wave and 3D solvers.
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